Saturday, January 24, 2009

I haven't had a lot to say for a while, but sometimes you have to break the silence. With the new administration in Washington, we're in for a wild ride. Innovation in all industries is about to be made practically illegal with the new IP "protection" policies that will inevitably be forwarded. I figure I'd better start posting here again while blogging is still legal.

#1: The PHONE COMPANY. Otherwise known as the Artful Dodger. The left hand doesn't admit to what the right hand is doing. Well, handcuffs work on both hands.

#2: Your MEDIA PROVIDER. It doesn't matter if they are cable guys, sat guys, Internet guys, or DVD guys. They are all out to limit your ability to enjoy content. According to them, you have to have their permission to view content in your preferred format and at the time you are ready and in the mood to do so. Why should THEY determine what time you should watch a movie or video? How could that possibly be their "business"? Or which machine in your home you can use to view that content? Oh yeah. "Business". A place to stick their noses is more like it. I say it is none of their business. Do they offer to fix my DVD player if it's broken, so I'm not forced to watch the VHS copy? Of course not. But they're happy to charge me for a streaming version, or for that matter, charge for ANY other option to view content I have already purchased. Guess what? Wrong answer.


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